It's 2028, your husband comes up and smacks your butt as you are unplugging the crockpot full of buffalo chicken dip, your friends have turned the dining room table into a beer pong tournament, the kids are laughing in the playroom, it's Superbowl Sunday and your heart is full.
by ThatOneUrbanDictionaryGuy November 2, 2020
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2028 is the End Of The World, Jesus will Return that year of rapture
by Perfect2028 May 26, 2021
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This refers to the graduating year of people who were born in 2009/2010.
No insults needed.
Person A: So the class of 2028 are '09 and '10 people?

Person B: Yeah that is just it
by KusaHatesTaxes January 6, 2022
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2009 and 2010 borns aka the ones that were non-existence and only came when we said goodbye to the 2000s and entered the 2010s , They play games like Minecraft and Roblox and even Fortnite, They are loud and obnoxious to deal with due to their feeling that they are cooler. Even tho they look up and get almost everything and are secretly learning the most or even all things from the 2000s decade borns and that isn't a good sign of the future. If you have one of those little children, then best thing to do is use parental controls like ffs they will find a way to access stuff that they aren't supposed to see nor use! They are easily be fooled and played around with like a toy. Have inner lower self-worth and self-esteem due to all this depressing shit that is being throwed around
Person: "When are you going to College?"
Class of 2028 Kid: "Uhh….I don't know?" *shrugs*

*counts with fingers*
Class of 2028 Kid: Class of 20 and uh 28...I think

Person: Holy shit *laughs* You are so fucking young

Class of 2028 Kid: *learns new swear words
The Kid's Mom: "Timmy, clean your room"
Class of 2028: "Fuck you mom! You piece of shit! You fucking bitch!"
by kingknb May 15, 2020
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One of the worst classes the only cool person is Ariana and Adam anybody else is a slave. Except Adam is as bit cooler because he’s Asian. When the teacher speaks to us she must bow down. It is an honor to be spoken to
Wtf those people are cool. They must be an Ariana and Adam. From SAL Intermediate 2028
by Ifuckinghatemyself May 4, 2022
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