A store that prides itself on working people to death. Clock in at Target and you have no idea when you're actually getting off, scheduled hours mean nothing. They have a bizarre alphabet-soup way of describing everyone's position that no one understands, and everyone in management is called some kind of "leader".
Yes, my leader! Yavohl, mein leader! Twenty people clocked in at Target last week and were never seen again, prolly still on shift cause the go-backs aren't finished.
by The Dodger September 14, 2005
Target is store where if you last the first 90 days, you'll be stuck there for years. They will shaft you for money every chance they get, they will dock your base rate if you transfer, they will fuck up your check and not tell you, and when you want to get the money back, its to late. and don't look to the HR to get it back either. They work for the company and tell you they cannot do anything about it (which is a lie).
I worked at target for 5yrs and now I have a herniated disk. but Im a level one so my crappy insurance wont cover shit. Fuck you Becky at 1194 you two faced droppy dog lookin beoch. You will die miserable and pitiful. YA thats right wig hairs.
by BVL September 26, 2006
Target is a place where the LODS dont care about team members and fire you for no apparent reason other than listening to rumors that are not true and if you dont obey their every command shame on you!! they promise you hours then screw with your schedule and write you up for talking too much on the walkie? wow also the cafe/pizza hut express is a joke all departments keep a communication log aka. bitch fest basically the team leader tells the team they are worthless in this book " why did you do that" or " am i the only one who does anything?"
I worked at Target for nearly 2 years and was terminated for apparently giving food away. and eating behind the counter of the food court. well first of all I never gave anything away and second they fired like a dozen people on the same day, for stupid reasons Target Sucks! and if you dont work there you dont want to.. AMEN!
by coffee101 February 10, 2010
Target has High Quality items for th customers, but its Hell for the employees. Now they have this fricken machine there that a customer or "guest" presses and it pages you and you have to be there in 30 seconds. I was on lunch break and I went to subway to eat and they paged me and I didn't make it back in time and so they give you this little red target post it thing that says what we need to improve on. i aldso got 10 bucks off my paycheck for that. As soon as Im done savng 1000 Im getting out of that hell hole.
Oh wow now I work at target. Goody goody.
by Mika Johnson December 20, 2005
Department store like wal-mart only the target employees wear red shirts and kaki pants instead of blue shirts. Your job gets changed everyday and you have to stay longer than your scheduled. Its a place where store managers and lods stare at you when your doing something wrong and then tell your team lead what you did wrong. Then the team lead comes to you and tells you. It just plain stupid. Stupid ass days such as green shirt day and birthday cake day. Stupid ass tuck your shirt in rules. It sux.
LOD "Hey guys try to get all the reshop done by 11 so that I can go home."
Employee "Sure can I go on my 15 now."
LOD "No, you didn't finish the reshop."
Employee "SHit."
by team member April 17, 2005
though its been said: target is for people who wouldn't be caught dead at wal-mart.
target and wal-mart both suck.
by #34 July 22, 2004
Overprice cheap goods superstore, food court always smell funny, Guest Experience Team Executive is a cussin' sailor that loves to threaten employees, smokin' half of his work period, and bitchin' out all employee that actual work, HR does not accept you are quitting without a fight, but will not let you finish training. At least a dozen new team members every two weeks. Management that love breaking all OSHA and labor laws possible.
Target are run by nazis that treat all non-management employee like shit.
by strange from the sandhills October 2, 2007