A geordie word meaning a person of the homosexual persuasion.
Ah divvent kna aboot him, like. He looks a bit of a huckle to me.
by Fistythegland October 25, 2019
A baby or child who's Mommy operates a meth lab.
"Save my HUCKLE" screamed Mommy as the firefighters attempted to put out the trailer fire started by the meth lab explosion.
by charlesmarx September 16, 2009
To read Huckleberry Finn. Slang popularized due to its characteristic of being "a cooler abbrev."
by hucklemonster March 31, 2011
Did you hear that joke Huckle said?
Yeah, it sucked ass.
by Efigeato April 5, 2010
To be arrested by the polis, grabbed by the fuzz, sent to the pokey, apprehended by the filth, busted by the pigs,
have ye heard about bob man? He was pissed trying to rob the bookies wearing a pair o' his ma's auld tights, silly cunt couldn't see through the tights, ran into the door on way out, knocked himself spark oot, and when he woke up he got huckled by the polis!
A sexual position where she bends over and reaches through her legs while he reaches behind his legs and grabs her hands.
I huckle bucklled her last night.
by Doug H. August 11, 2004