best movie ever. featuring sex drugs rock n roll. all the good stuff from the 70's. Kate Hudson (incredibly hot) stars as groupie Penny Lane. Incredible soundtrack.
by bitchslap May 11, 2006
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someone who as actually never done anything worthwhile on their own but yet still seems to make it into the news,limelight,tabloids,newspapers,etc
yeah octomom?? got she cant act, cant sing, is not even actractive, and still she's "almost famous"
by cheaptrickrick January 13, 2010
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What talk show hosts or certain celebrities are called that have no reason being famous.
On TRL, Eminem made a comment about Carson Daily being almost Famous.
by Mareelevee December 1, 2008
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Best movie of all time. Super hot kate Hudson stars as penny lane who is a groupie for a fictional rock band in the 70s. Drugs and rock n roll. Best soundtrack ever.
Did you see almost famous? AKA the best movie ever?
by stargirlbaby June 16, 2021
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