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Abbreviation for 'Associate Consultant', some bullshit job title to give younger employees a false sense of hope that their job means something. Commonly found in rural consultancies in St. Ives. Sometimes loaned out sexually to clients to secure deals.
Client: 'The proposal is pretty good, but the quote is too high'
Hobb Knob: 'Have one of my ass. consultants for the night, not the yank though, he's spoiled goods and has an arse like a grapefruit'
Client: 'Deal, we'll sign off in the morning'
by RandyRhoads84 December 25, 2016

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A group of men you don't like, namely a collection of irritating cunts. Plural for 'thrush' - colloquially known as a sole male irritating cunt.
Piers: Morgan, what's with the sawed-off shot gun and machete, don't you just have a status update meeting?

Morgan: Yeah, but it's with the Yeastie Boys.

Piers: Oh I see, hold on - here's some Miconazole to add to the weaponry
by RandyRhoads84 February 13, 2019

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A hooker spreading COVID-19 through sexual liaisons.
Dude, Martina infected 19 men with coronavirus last Sunday alone through her whoring. She should be called HOVID-19!
by RandyRhoads84 May 14, 2020

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One who is a consultant and also a cunt. Highly prevalent in the pharma/healthcare consulting industry.
Sarabvijay: The work we've paid this consultancy for is a pile of shit. We've literally jizzed $500k up the wall.
Jimmy G: Let's not contract with them again, especially that cuntsultant Mark - what a tool he is.
by RandyRhoads84 May 20, 2020

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Trimming anal hair so thick that a strimmer has to be used, instead of conventional means
Michael: 'What did you get up to last night Steve W?'
Steve W: 'I strimmed this bird, initially we tried anal with copious lube, but even that couldn't circumnavigate the anal forest. Tried to force my cock in but couldn't see my wood for the anal forest, so had to do some Strimming instead'
by RandyRhoads84 December 25, 2016

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Pebbledashing, explosive diarrhoea that follows a bog standard stool an hour or so earlier.
Huckle: That's the second time you've had a long loo break in the past hour, everything okay?
Berry: I just pebble dashed the coach house loo, must've been the late night vindaloo.

Huckle: Ah, the second coming...
by RandyRhoads84 May 14, 2020

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A grotesque principal in a rural consultancy in Cambridgeshire with an IQ inferior to aged, crusted ejaculate. Inherently racist, small minded and with a back-stabbing nature, who sends emails to clients such as 'WTF?'. Loathed by all, and inexplicably retained by his employer.
Stace: Skid(mark) was off with me today, I don't know why.

Clarice: Oh, slimer probably stabbed you in the back for no apparent reason.
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by RandyRhoads84 May 14, 2020

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