The way things happen when you're stoned.
So we got the nugs, got back to my place and realized that we were all retarded and we had no lighter, so we turned on the stove and put a tissue on it, but as we were smoking Little Jimmy burned his finger and dropped it into a garbage can full of gasoline, and the house burned down, and thats what happened in Chronicological Order.
by jellytin December 3, 2010
Extremely popular crime drama series created by Dick Wolf. Unlike most such shows, which usually focus on either detectives or the criminal suit itself but never both, each Law & Order episode usually covers one murder case from discovery of the body, through the police investigation and resulting trial(s) and ends with a conviction, acquittal, or plea bargain.

Also unlike most police shows it does not show the process in a stylized or purely glamorous light but tries to portray it with more realism; dirty DA politics and bringing the wrong person to trial are not rare subplots.
Put a Jewish cop who's daughter was murdered with a partner with an ailing wife and you have a pretty generic cop show. Add in a district attorney who's often more interested in playing politics than solving crimes and his win-at-all-costs bulldog assistant DA, and you have Law & Order.
by Bogus August 10, 2005
the Order of the Arrow (OA) is the national honor camper society of the Boy Scouts of America. It takes scouts who have achieved certain accomplishments within their troop and molds them into the leaders of tomorrow. It is unique because members are not elected by the members of the organization, but by the non-members in their troops. The OA uses the folklore of native american culture to give scouts and scouters a very unique and memorable experience. The principles of the ceremonies are meant to represent certain qualities within the candidate, All members must pass an ordeal that is designed to help make them more self reliant. The OA IS NOT a secret society. It uses the element of mystery and ceremonial progression to make the experience more meaningful for the candidate. All of its ceremonies are open to the candidates family if they so wish to attend. However it is not recommended for non-members to attend if they will ever have the opportunity to join, so that they will not ruin their experience.
The Order of The Arrow provides leadership training that many large companies would pay thousands of dollars to be able to teach to its employees.
by Abooikpaagun399 July 23, 2009
Mass layoffs in a workplace.

Reference to order 66 from episode III of star wars in which the emperor issues the command to execute order 66 that tells all clones to kill any Jedi they are with.
Dude 1: My office just issued order 66.
Dude 2: what?
Dude 1: they fired 80% of their workers, I almost got laid off.
Dude 2: Ahh. Lucky you didn't.
by _4b3_ November 21, 2014
A Sly way to ask if a person is gay or not.
usually used online and is an alternative version of “do you listen to girl in red
hot guy: hey
you: hi, do you, you know, order dessert?🥺
hot guy: yeah...i do
by gawkgawk100:3 May 7, 2020
Introduced in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, the First Order is a militaristic regime that is dedicated to wipe out the loathsome Resistance. The Order is led by Supreme Leader Snoke and is commanded by Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma, and General Hux.
The First Order is gonna rek the Resistance #rekt
by nrE5150 February 3, 2016
In mathematics, a term used to describe the derivative of a derivative. Also a term used in restaurants by math geeks to indicate that a duplicate meal is desired.
Garçon, I'll have a second order of those ribs.
by murr2k November 30, 2009