A wooden rod with a sharp, pointed metal tip usually fired from bows.

Has the tendency to gravitate towards knees, especially knees of those who are in the midst of an occuption, event, or condition.
by Oheyson December 10, 2011
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A TV show on CW based on the DC character "Green Arrow".
Hey, did you see the newest episode of Arrow?
by kalch1862 December 28, 2014
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Every adventurers worst nightmare. Protect your knees from the onslaught of arrows, or else you will become a city guard who won't help anyone because you'll think someone stole their sweet rolls.
Guard: I used to be an adventurer like you. Then I took an arrow-
Boromir: In the knee? Must have been awful.
Leonidas: Shut up. Both of you.
by Intelligence001 July 26, 2016
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The best fucking show on the entire CW. Oliver Queen gets sent to an island for 5 years and comes back with the best Minecraft PVP Skills you've ever seen.
Person 1: Hey bro do you like Arrow?


Person 1: Woah... I don't want to fight him
by Exxacto March 01, 2021
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He is the sweetest most funniest and weirdest person you’ll meet and know. You can relate to them and tell them about anything. They will try and cheer you up when u are down and they will try and comfurt you as much as they can. He is super aesthetic,likes drawing,MCR,panic at the disco and his gay best friend Xd. You need to get yourself an Arrow ASAP because they will change your life 💕
Omg arrow is so sweet!

Arrow is so aesthetic

Arrow is one of the best people on earth
by arrowsgayfriend March 02, 2019
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A wooden projectile tipped with a metal edge, used in combination with a bow. it was used mainly in midevil times, but it is possible to see them used today for hunting.
a bow and arrow set
That guy just got arrowed
Bow and arrow hunting
by Warrior of Yo July 11, 2005
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