A variety of YouTube channels which include the top 10 best worst interesting and so on of everything.
That top 10 channel only makes videos on the top 10 best trends.
by AlterLynx October 20, 2017
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10. Chump
9. Chumpette
8. Yours
7. Up
6. Pimpmobile
5. Bite
4. My
3. Shiny
2. Daffodil
1. Ass
If you say the A-word, you'll blwo up this planet straight to the H-word!
by dj gs68 July 13, 2003
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A species of videos on YouTube, they are increasing at an alarming rate and can vary from top 5 to top 500. Although the most common is top 10. Some channels post 5 a day.
How the fuck does watch mojo do so many top 10 lists in one day, it's ridiculous
by SUMFURRYTHING June 20, 2016
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A phrase that is uttered whenever someone is betrayed by another, usually in a lighthearted way.
Nick: Hey what's up, you gonna drink that soda?
Dick: No, you can have it.

*Nick reaches for soda*
Dick: NOPE (chugs drink)
*Nick staggers back and faints*
Rick: Top 10 anime betrayals lmfao
by A talking pepperoni appears December 14, 2018
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#10: Negative
#9: Nevada
#8: Nissan
#7: Number
#6: Nine
#5: No
#4: Nick
#3: Nigeria
#2: Noob
#1: Nice
Honorable Mention: Nigga
Me: Hey Joe, what are the top 10 n-words?
Joe: (lists them)
by jakeyT31 September 9, 2020
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Honourable mention: Nigga
What are the top 10 n words?
by jamescharleshotnudes October 17, 2019
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You top 10 means a lot of people fucked you
Girl did you hear they said you top 10
by Babybirdd November 10, 2021
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