To take a situation to the level where it becomes physical, to resolve a matter by fighting or use one's physical strength to resolve the matter
If he continues to try me he's gonna get this work!
by KristiKreme May 19, 2017
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Get The Works was a popular catchphrase from the nineties when people wanted to get all the toppings on whatever they ordered in a take away joint. Pizza Hut especially loved using the catchphrase to advertise their pizzas however when ordering in the modern age the younger generation don't understand the saying . Considering how commonly used the saying was when ordering takeaway in America or the western world and the amount of money Pizza hut spent into promoting it I'm surprised I'm the only one to write a definition for it maybe I'm showing my age.
Server. What do you want on your pizza
Server. Really all the toppings are you sure? thats alot of food
Me. Thats how we did it in my day.
by Max1984Harper February 2, 2021
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the work refers to a males dick so to be given the work one must be given dick
damn she thick, she would get the work hard
by readyboy April 18, 2018
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A term used to tell someone to come get some. Usually in sports
Bunmi: Hey Joe, come get this work in ping pong.

Joe: See you in 5 mins
by IndyHammer August 15, 2017
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When you destroy a noob or multiple in Warzone, must be yelled at the right time to avoid ruining the saying
"Get that work boi"
by STEEZY_COD October 13, 2021
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The battle cry to build, design, inspire, protest, rescue, and improve the planet through art, music, social justice, conscientious ideas and innovation.
Let’s work together to solve the problems of plastics and garbage destroying the oceans and marine life, now “Get to Work Hippies!”
by jlit April 10, 2019
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