gavel (pronounced gah-vul) ~verb

Judge's hammer. Slang used in same way as 'smashed'.
Owen: Oh, man, I saw you with that hot chick yesterday. Did you bang?
Jason: Bang her? I gavel'd that shit, bro.
by ODawg February 25, 2013
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a small ceremonial mallet
MR. B: Well, I think this is a fine way to proceed. We all wish you the very best luck and now--let me have that gavel--I turn over this weighty gavel to you. If anybody misbehaves, you have your instrument at hand.

Transcript of Federal Open Market Committee Conference Call of March 10, 1978
by Mark Lar February 6, 2008
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A sex act, in which a woman provides oral sex to a man. At any point during the act, the man pulls out, thumps the woman solidly on the forehead with his penis, and declares loudly, "Order in the court!"
Bob hammered out a recess, swept his judge's robes around him and headed to his chambers. His administrative assistant, Nadia, was waiting for him. Bob proceded to hammer out something else, gavelling Nadia firmly.
by billn May 15, 2007
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1) Basically an off-spin of the term "hammered", used in most cases as a more subtle version of the word. Gaveled usually hints at a shorter time of being wasted than does "hammered" even though both are interchangeable. This word originated from the gavel that a judge uses/slams down on his pretty courtroom desk.

2) Also in reference to a judges gavel, this term also means to snap at someone with the intention of getting them to shut the hell up.
1) Yea so I went over to his place yesterday and we got completely gaveled.
2) I was just sitting there talking with my friends and when I made a reference to his mom, he stood up and gaveled me in front of everyone there.
by OConnorGuitarist May 27, 2011
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the act of repeatedly slapping your now flacid penis on a girl's face after ejaculating on her face or in her mouth while exclaiming, "Court is adjourned!"
After a nice dinner with my wife, we retired to our bedroom for a night of intercourse. After finishing the act orally, I proudly gave the gavel to the mother of my children.
by noels701 October 29, 2007
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A sex act in which a man is having intercourse with a woman in the missionary position, and, when he is about to orgasm, pulls out his cock and shoots all over the girls stomach. Before losing his erection, he slaps the puddle of gizz on the girls stomach and proudly declares, "Justice has been served".
Can you believe Ned pulled the gavel on that tri-delt ho last night? It was like judge joe brown up in that bitch!
by Tha Dogg October 1, 2006
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1.One who Gives off a negative or awkward vibe

2.Tries to fit into society by constantly changing their manor isms and appearance but is constantly rejected

3. Misfit
4. Alex is a gaveller as he has no friends or companions.
5.Alex is a misfit as he does not fit in to the social norm
by 3sherm October 24, 2012
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