When mean, reckless & bigoted people like Rush Limbaugh order food or drinks in a restaurant, hotel or coffee shop they often receive a "Rush Order" which has the addition of a little special sauce often called "man juice", also known as semen. A "Rush Cup" is often employed to collect this sauce from a group of employees in the public bathroom. This is why you should never, ever abuse a waiter or service person where food or drinks are served.
"Hey, Sean Hannity is here. He's on that damn Blackberry phone again talking way too loud. Lets give him a double Rush Order in his triple non-fat latte."
by First Draft October 23, 2009
In Formula 1 racing. It is an instruction that can only be given by Head race engineer or team owner that will adjust the outcome of the race.
Chief engineer Red Bull Christian Horner 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix

"Sebastian do not pass Mark, that is a team order"

Chief engineer Ferrari Matthew Hofer.
2012 Silverstone Grand Prix

" Felipe!!! Let Fernando pass you on this lap immediately!! That is a team order."
by FernandoA November 10, 2013
The state of completely chaos, disarray and/or decay.

Something that was supposed to function and/or improve but made things worse
I was stuck in my car for 3 hours. The traffic today is in Polish order.
by the_kzb January 20, 2022
an assignment or task which is difficult or seems impossible to accomplish.
completing that paper and submitting it on time proved to be a tall order, since I only had less than a week to do it...that's the last time I leave anything until the last minute!
by Polo May 1, 2007
A buzzphrase for presidents and presidential candidates for "Police State."
Presidential candidate (what he says): "I am the law and order candidate!"
Presidential candidate (what he means): "I intend to create a police state and curtail your rights!"
by Your Next Door Neighbor November 1, 2020
Being that one annoying fat guy who orders dessert when everyone else wants to leave.

Fingering a girl when she's on her period.

Dropping the soap in a prison shower.
Person 1: This dinner was great I'm stuffed.
Person 2: Yeah I have to go back to see the kids.
Person 3: Ah, I couldn't have another bite!
Waiter: That'll take 45 minutes.......
Person 4: THAT'S OK!

Person 1: Why are your fingers so red?
Person 2: I just ordered the soufflé!

Prisoner 1: Yo, why iz tra'quan walking so funny?
Prisoner 2: Nigga Order The Soufflé
by dirtymikeandtheboyz January 13, 2011
Something that everyone says he/she got least attention, most relational stress, and best personality from. Only child always say that he/she is lonely.

typical stereotyping goes as follows:
first born - bossy but responsible/independant
middle child - ignored but mediator/peace maker
youngest born - spoiled but nice/humorous
only child - jesus
In fact, according to a census done by Julius Caesar in 8th century, the first child suffers the most from lack of attention and the stress from the family. It's also proven that it's the birth order that develops the best personality.
by iateeight October 8, 2013