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A sudden burst of air emitted via vaginal area due to excess internal pressure. Usually created via the male penis thrusting in and our of a vagina or other object inserted.
During intense love making, my female partner, blew a series vaginal farts...not unlike a balloon being filled with air and let go.
by VaginalVal August 19, 2018
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To be honest, I don’t even know.
Apparently this happens during intercourse when air becomes trapped in the vaginal canal, making fart noises.
by PrismUnbilled May 28, 2018
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Va'gi'nal Fart (noun)
1.Your mama's stinkin' ass after getting a dirty sanchez from a zoo gorilla in heat!
2.The sound pertruding from the vaginal region of the female species or chicken headsas they are known to some
3.The toot sound you here after ramming it home.
Sally let out the most amazing vaginal fart that I have ever heard, i almost fainted in lust.
by queef creator August 16, 2004
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