A code word to alert someone that something embarassing is hanging from his/her nose or on his/her mouth.
He had his scrotum pierced, so he couldn't help us roof the garage. Aaron, fourteen. Anyway, ...
by Aaron the jockey June 27, 2005
a gay boy, pansy.
a useless age
fourteen is like a gay boy.
when he turned fourteen, it was like a gay boy.
by lauren h. November 30, 2007
the term given to mountains above 14,000 feet
Longs is a bitch of a fourteener to hike
by Paul S. W. September 11, 2006
What six times four equals.
Teacher: What is six times four?
Student: Fourteen, LOL!
by Fifi McFeef September 16, 2007
This is a phrase used when you are at Mandalay Bay and are over the age of 14, but not willing to pay the extra fee for pool access.

It also can be used at other times if you're wanting to sound young. (Not for use if above 18 years of age)

Funny to use in response to any question asked.
Man at counter: How old is this kid?
Overage kid: I'm fourteen!
by LegendOfTooget May 30, 2009
When you suddenly think of something you want to say, but you don't want to interrupt someone else, you would say "Fourteen and a half <whatever>." Where the <whatever> is replaced by something that would remind you later of what it was you wanted to say. (For those of us who would forget if they don't say it right away.)
Sara wants to tell Ashley about a friend and her incident with cheddar cheese, but Ashley is in the middle of a great story of her own. Sara would pipe in "Fourteen and a half cheddar cheese" or "Fourteen and a half cheese incident." After Ashley finishes her story, either Sara or Ashley would say, "So yeah, fourteen and a half cheddar cheese?"
by FizzyBee October 30, 2007