A word commonly thrown around in the video games industry by people who have no idea what real life is actually like, especially in FPSs. Occasionally combined with false claims of military or police service.
"zomg call of duty 4 has unparalleled realism! i can tell b/c i no so much about combat!"
"Your lack of intelligence insults both real life operators and and anyone with a brain. Please die."
by Jakob A. September 15, 2008
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An artwork, usually in a digital form that depicts a scene which is hard to discern if is real or not.
There are a lot of artists online that you can goggle for, but one that comes to mind is some of the realism work by Josh DeHaan.
by UrbanJunky February 15, 2010
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Form of art or literature where sumthin is "real"; Expressing realistic emotions or actions
1.In his essay about realism, the girl killed herself after learning her evil step-father.
2. The artist's realism came through his work when he used textured canvas to paint a love scene.
by Artistboi March 7, 2005
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Someone: The future will be great.
Me: I believe in realism. What I don't believe is what you just said.
by some hackerman July 31, 2018
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1. A form of art in which objects (usually people) are depicted as they would in everyday life with little or no exaggeration.

2. A highly oppressive and difficult "rule" that ALL artists must follow if they want to be considered an artist. This is just a style -- it is not the ultimate rule of art nor is it God. Lots of artists think this is the only way to learn or get better at drawing. However, it is not. There are other ways to learn and get better. A lot of artists often deny this, and see the absence of knowledge for realism as inexcuseable. They will also condemn you for it and note you as ignorant, immature, stupid, and/or an "anime kid".
Realism is not the basics to art. It's just a style.
by Protron October 8, 2007
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1) White people racist againt black people
2) Some real sheitt
1) Ana: Whats tha matter?
Lo: That nigga just bein racist
Ana: Thats realism !

2) Lo: She ain't even gettin it!
Ana: This is realism!
by WhatssGoody April 24, 2009
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A political theory of sensualism that is bounded on the material side by synthetic Marxism and on the metaphysical side by synthetic fascism.

The fourth (and last) theory of politics that involves human will or effection.

Precedes meta-realism, metamodernism, or meta-consciousness.

Also known as 'synthetic realism'.

Technologically distinguished by constructivist (conscious) materialism.
While hyperreal primitivism is a subculture of anarcho-realism, meta-culture is congruent to it.
by sandrashine June 20, 2018
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