So it`s like order 66 except instead of the clone troopers hunting down and killing their Jedi generals, they rape them instead. I know, weird... pervert clones!
Darth Sidious: ...the time has come, execute Order 69...
Clone commander: yes my lord.
Jedi: the droid army is advancing to... wait what the fuck are you guys doing?!
Clones: *rape the Jedi*
Any instructions handed down from on high which clearly delineate where to go and what to do.
I don't care what you think, my marching orders came from the CEO, so if you don't like it you can take it up with him.
by jennix February 9, 2012
In 2020 America: Disorder generated by presidentially-sanctioned contempt for the law.
Every time Trump uttered the phrase 'law and order' it was a signal that he was orchestrating another violation of the law, instigating social disorder to further his agenda.
by Monkey's Dad September 27, 2020
What you need to understand before you can start Popo's training
Popo: Alright maggots listen up, Popo's bout to teach you the pecking order... It goes: you, the dirt, the worms inside of the dirt, Popo's stool, Kami, then Popo
by Lord Damon November 16, 2009
A web-comic parodying the adventures of a group of D&D characters written by Rich Burlew.

The latest issue of Order of the Stick can be found at
'Belkar is my favorite character in Order of the Stick.'
by Steve H. March 22, 2005
The lead singer of Joy Division, Ian Curtis, committed suicide in 1980. The three remaining members of the band came together, added a keyboardist, and restarted as New Order. Although Joy Division was a dark punk-rock band, New Order eventally broke away from their roots and made some of the greatest, most original dance and rock music from the 80's.

Although they were never that commercially successful, they had dominated many of the dance clubs of the 80s, with hits like Blue Monday (1983), True Faith (1987) and Bizarre Love Triangle (1986).

The band went on a hiatus during the 90s after the release of Republic (1993), but they have come back in recent years. Their 2001 album Get Ready was a return to their guitar based rock roots, and their most recent album Waiting For the Sirens' Call (2005) is considered to be just as great as their albums from the 80's.

Some of the best New Order songs:

Age of Consent
Blue Monday
True Faith
Bizarre Love Triangle
Every Little Counts
Touched By the Hand of God
Vanishing Point
60 Miles An Hour
Hey Now What You Doing
"Why that's some of the best music I've ever heard! What is that?!"

"It's New Order."

"Hmm... never heard of them."

"...Of course not v_v"
by Randy Taylor January 7, 2006
They came from the band "Joy Division."
They had good songs from the 80s, but their album "Substance" was da bomb.
Their bast songs include Blue Monday, True Faith, and Bizarre Love Triangle.
New Order is the best band from the 80s. BETTER THAN ALL THAT CULTURE CLUB, OMD , or w/e..
by mastersYnth April 24, 2005