used by bitcoin bros to describe other cryptocurrencies, whenever news breaks out about these currencies gaining any traction, because they're a threat to the bitcoin bros' wet dreams of bitcoin supremacy.
bitcoin bro: "All shitcoins will get you rekt!"
by JuliusCesarus July 11, 2021
A term for the word "Wrecked." Can be used in text messages when one is in a hurry. Can also be used in online gaming when a player would cause another player to send hate mail regarding the skill of the one causing the anger.
Text Example
Texter 1: OMG Casey jst rekt his car nd Im in the ambulance w/him right now
Texter 2: lol Is he okay?

Online Gaming Example
Player 1: Why don't you get some actual skill and play the game right instead of spamming magic?
Player 2: Get rekt skrub
by No_Gambit May 6, 2013
Often used in gaming, it is short for "wrecked"
Gamers say this when they either win somebody or completely annihilate their opponent/opponents, making it even more necessary. It is also commonly used as a hashtag, optionally with the R and K capitalized (#ReKt).
Gamer 1 "you win"
Gamer 2 "yea, you got so rekt!"
by Vortex1212 December 2, 2016
A word that any Fortnite or Roblox player uses while boasting about their "win" .
Formally used as, "get rekt kid"
"dayyum man yo ass jst got rekt by my man ninja in fortnut"
"fight me bruh you ass finna get whooped in phantum pforses'
by send me to coachella April 13, 2019
A popular phrase used by commenters on pun pages. Made popular by Jeff "Rekt" Suzuki.

Jeft: Get rekt
by fuxkypu September 17, 2014
the messed up thread on 4chan of gore like people getting their feet cut off or being beheaded

Stuff in the thread
run over
Robert: so i went on the rekt thread on 4chan
Brandon: what about it?
Robert: i saw a man being beheaded
Brandon: DUDE WTF?
by 8408 :D June 18, 2021
short for "wrecked" which means that you have beat someone at something.
Dude your friend just got rekt!
by I Da Ultimate Definerator October 14, 2015