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short for “objection: argumentative” \ generally used to avoid or nullify a negative question or remark
Whenever his ex asks him a question, he infuriates her by answering with OA.
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The Filipino abbreviation for Over Acting. This term is usually used to describe a person who is basically a drama queen. Also implies immaturity.
She threw a fit in the store because they didn't have her size. She is so OA.
by lilmille August 16, 2005
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an acronym for "over acheiver". Used by high school students to describe someone who has a perfect grade in a class or does more work than necessary.
Person 1: I wrote two extra pages for my book report.
Person 2: You're such an OA.
by windbeneathmywings4ever September 02, 2005
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The order of the arrow, An Honor society in the Boy Scouts of America.
Hey, are you in the OA?
by He'sTheMan March 16, 2005
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an abbreviation for over achiever; the person in school or work who pisses everyone off because they always have to do more than what is required, hand in assignments before they are due, they always have to be perfect, and they make everyone else look bad.
Eww, Kelly is such an O.A. She already finished the history paper that's due next week and she wrote two pages more than she needed to.
by Ashley Z. September 09, 2007
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In switzerland there's a famous rap-group called oa.
Somehow they managed it to make people say oa instead of awesome, fresh, good, cool etc.

so when you get to switzerland make sure, to know the meanings of "oa". (adjektive)
Man those guys look good, they look so oa!

Don't act oa, we know you're no good.
by mr_roksta December 16, 2008
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short for Over Archiver. One who goes above and beyond for no reason, except to be that one little bit better than you and all your friends. Generally disliked for breaking curves, and just doing better, Though they claim its merely jealousy on your part, everyone else knows theyre obnoxious. Can be ended in 'd to mean Over Achived.
Man, Jane is such an OA, I hate it

I totally OA'd that homework assignment, you shouldve seen how mad all the slackers got.
by Brian J H March 26, 2007
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