One of life’s first-and-foremost “double-edged swords” --- something that can “cut both ways” as far as definition and desirability is concerned. While it can refer to a welcomed stack of purchase-agreements that will bring wealth and prosperity to its recipient, it can also mean stern/irritable directives to do/not do something that its recipient hates/wants to do.
Travelling company salesman: Boy, did I get two big orders today!
Boss: Great! What were they?
Salesman: Well, the first one was, “keep out” and the second one was, “stay out”.
by QuacksO November 28, 2011
pupil: sir have u marked my homework ?
Orders: 'stops kicking wall, turns around and head buts desk'

No, I FUCKING haven't!

'goes back to kicking wall'
by KSCXIUD March 5, 2019
A request that is often difficult to meet and/or fulfill.
When asked by Betsy for credit on yet another purchase, David replied "Bitch, you done owe me fifty bucks and another blow job. What you're asking fo sho is a tall order".
by Nikki Stixx September 21, 2019
To order an excess of food from a restaurant.
I had the munchies last night so I called the diner up and billy-ordered.

We don't know how many people are going to show up, so just billy-order to be safe.
by rinimir March 9, 2016
When you make a delivery order for Chinese food and then you tell your man to fuck you. So he does, in the ass, on the living-room coffee table. Just as he’s balls-deep, the Uber Eats guy knocks on the door.

But it swings wide open (as if you left it ajar on purpose). Now he’s 7-feet away from you just staring. Slowly, he steps forward and asks with a real sexy voice:

Somebody order THIS DICK?!
by BillieJeanIsNotMyLover April 9, 2019
Reduction of order is a technique in mathematics for solving second-order ordinary differential equations. It is also a technique used in restaurants by math geeks who change their order to an amount less than originally requested.
I went to McDonald's and ordered two Big Macs, but I changed my mind and ordered only one. They didn't like my reduction of order.
by murr2k March 14, 2009
A refraining order is when someone tells you not to say something to someone other than yourself.
Suzy: You better not comment on my sister's fat ass again. You're under a temporary 'refraining order' until we leave her house.
Jimmy: Yes dear.
by Bryan Gilbreath April 16, 2009