1.n. A pussy whipped muthafucka that won't stand up to his old lady.

2. n. A man who let' his old lady walk all over him and control him.

3. n. A dude whokisses his old lady's ass, so as to not fight, get bitched at, or deprived of sex.
1. "Man, look at Tom, he's such a fuckin yes dear that fool can't do shit."

"Yeah he may wear the pants in the family but, she damn sure picks them out."

2. "Hey you wanna come out to the bar, have a few drinks?"

"Oh, dude I'd love to but the old lady won't be having it."

"Grow a set of balls you fuckin yes dear!"
by Suplie Pmac June 28, 2009
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A phrase that any man can say to his spouse or significant other, meaning "I agree with you" to her but "shut up" to him.
Hannah: Dave, you never do the washing up, it's your turn tonight.
Dave (aloud): Yes dear
Dave (Internal monologue): Shut up. I'm going to the pub.
by Plastercaster January 20, 2010
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what you say when you're pussy-whipped.
"Nigga do my laundry."
"Cook my dinner."
"Give me $100 for my hair."
"Eat this pussy like you should."
"Yes dear, if you want."
by Nick D February 25, 2003
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