Basically the answer to everything. This simple phrase means you never have to say your opinion about anything ever again.
Girl: "Does this skirt look good on me?"
Shortie P: "If you want"
by Shortie P September 28, 2006
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A snarky way of trying to give a backhanded compliment to someone who has just tried to arrogantly, and often unjustifiably, toot their own horn.
Bob: Oh I am just the hottest thing since sliced bread.

Sue: Oohhh! You want a cookie?
by letmenot October 15, 2010
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You want smoke, is a question asked by someone who is trying to fight person.
Yo! We haven’t seen you in a minute! You want smoke? Cause I know you been tryna fight me since the third grade
by Hottiegal3256 April 21, 2019
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When you are threatening someone to fight (often used by people with cockney accents)
Bill: I'll beat you up if u don't shut up
Bon: you what mate? You want some, I'll give it yer
by big.M1000 January 15, 2015
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1. What to say when someone that you have not communicated with in a long time contacts you randomly.

2. What to say to that person that you had it out with and they contact you like nothing ever happened.
Michelle: Hey Amanda, Whats up girl? Wanna hang tonight?

Amanda: The fuck you want??
by Cricket9696 January 3, 2016
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A term used when one has no facts or strong arguments to support some bull shit that he had said. Usually used when the user of the term is confident that the other person has no knowledge on the matter.
Bill: Did you know that the narwal is the only mammal to have a horn?

Joe: I think it's really a tooth.

Bill: YOU WANT TO BET?!?!?!
by ÆNK June 19, 2010
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When an athletic irishmen offers you a pickle in a suggestive way.
*Fridge door opens*
Irishmen: You want something to drink?
You: No thanks.
*Irishmen turns to slowly stare at you.*
Irishmen: You want a Pickle?
by Tomitaire April 21, 2009
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