The same type of people who brought the world computers, yet still get treated like absolute shit.
idiot: "Haha you have autism, you're such a retard."
autistic person: "That's funny, I should tell you that an autistic person invented the same fucking screen you look at 24/7."
by Dubiks August 23, 2018
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The type of people who've been responsible for many of society's greatest inventions, but are still not widely appreciated by the majority of people.
Isaac Newton - inventor of physics
Albert Einstein - inventor of modern physics
Nikola Tesla - inventor of modern electricity
Alan Turing - inventor of the modern computer
All autistic
by Dubiks December 10, 2018
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Descriptive noun form of autism/ASD, a neurodevelopomental disorder that can feature differences in how someone navigates social interactions, and differences on how we experience physical stimuli (also known as Sensory Processing Disorder, or SPD).

Autism isn’t necessarily *characterised* by sensory-regulating behaviours (also called stims), and while body-stims like rocking and flapping are fairly common, they aren’t defining characteristics nor is stimming harmful in any capacity (with minor exceptions). We’re also fairly highly represented among BFRB populations,

We don’t all approach social situations the same way either. some of us are nonverbal, others hyper-verbal; one autistic might seek physical contact while another might be repulsed by it. What we’re okay with can also vary depending on the situation or how we feel, we’re people.
We aren’t any more monolithic than allistic folks; if you want to know if we’re comfortable with something, ask us.
Don’t get offended if Riley doesn’t make eye contact with you, they’re autistic.
by CommieScum June 22, 2018
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If you ever dare use it as an insult, I will find you, kill you and feed your organs to furious wolves.
The person writing this is autistic. pls don’t hate or d e a d
by CyberCookie March 22, 2020
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A misunderstood developmental disability that interferes with a person's ability to properly and/or appropriately communicate with others. Of course, uneducated assholes on the Internet believe it to be "fancy words" for the slur retarded.
"This game is so autistic!"

"He disagrees with what I'm saying even though it makes no sense and he makes a valid argument? He must be painfully autistic."
by MacCraw May 11, 2018
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Of a person (or animal) who's neurodiverse or has autism, possibly caused by a mutation on chromosome 15 before development and birth. These people are normal but may have sensory, behavioral, and social differences. Otherwise, autistic individuals are either smart or intellectually impaired, sensory oversensitive or sensory undersensitive, unique, and creative. Neurodiversity is not retardation or taboo but a blessing and a personality trait.
Stupid: "You retarded?"
Me: "No, I'm autistic."
Stupid: "That explains why you're weird and probably stupid."
Me: "Oh, so an animal science nerd is stupid!? Spell 'intelligence'."
Stupid: "..."
Me: "Uh-huh! That's what I thought!"

I'm actually autistic, so if I ever encounter someone this stupid, I will just show them this.
by GigglesTheHyena May 2, 2019
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A word used by arrogant and ignorant dumbfucks to call people stupid. This term is extremely ironic, because most of the geniuses of the past, including Einstein, Newton, and Bill Gates. Whoever uses this term derogatorily should be publicly beaten.
"wow man James is so autistic he got a 36 on the test"
"James if you don't shut the fuck up I'll give you 36 broken bones"
by October 21, 2020
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