John fulfilled his job and got a promotion.
by Lemonth November 1, 2009
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is different than happiness,too feel whole and content. WITH ALL THE PRESSURES.
by KOCANOW August 27, 2008
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The achievement of total satisfaction in a sexual activity or relationship.
"After last night, I crossed off another item on my bucket list...Sexual fulfillment."
by yes juanito yes September 14, 2014
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scriptural prophecy that is (was) fulfilled (finished, come to pass)
Fulfilled prophecy must be interpreted in harmony with the whole prophetic design of God.
by eyjentjim February 27, 2017
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Positive or negative expectations about circumstances, events, or people that may affect a persons behavior toward them in a manner that he or she (unknowingly) creates situations in which those expectations are fulfilled.

In other words, causing something to happen by believing it will come true

Example 1:
An employer sees a new employee and automatically expects him to be disloyal. The employer then treats the employee in a way to elicit the very response he concluded.

Example 2:
Labeling someone a "criminal," and treating that person as such, may foster criminal behavior in the person who is subjected to the expectation, thus creating a self fulfilling prophecy
by .PiCe.NuSSy. September 10, 2008
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A twat who claims he's only behaving like a twat in defence of the fact that other people keep calling him a twat behind his back.

Similar to a self-fulfilling prophecy but more personal, and often used as a defense mechanism, usually by men to avoid ever having to engage with anyone emotionally, or say sorry.

Their phrase of choice should you ask them why they're behaving like a twat is of course: 'Are you calling me a twat then!?' and then centre all their twatness upon you as you obviously must be the source of why everyone thinks they're a twat, and are no longer inviting them to any more social events.
I can't be bothered to try and make sense of the man anymore, he just seems to be a self-fulfilling twat.
by ..WiL May 21, 2007
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When a false or true statement is said about someone enough times, it eventually becomes true.
If you call your girlfriend a bitch, she will become a self-fulfilling prophecy and act like a bitch.
by icehot15 October 17, 2014
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