27 definitions by BillieJeanIsNotMyLover

A magical document that always agrees with you.
You can't charge $14 for movie popcorn because the Constitution says so!
by BillieJeanIsNotMyLover April 12, 2018
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A trick is what whores do for money.

Not to be confused with illusion
They're not tricks, Michael! They're illusions!
by BillieJeanIsNotMyLover April 14, 2018
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A justification to yourself for a bad decision.
I want to get blackout on a Tuesday but I'll need a reason first. . .
by BillieJeanIsNotMyLover April 12, 2018
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A word that exists because "We Will Overcome" doesn't have the same ring to it.
By 'shall,' do you mean 'may' or 'will'?
by BillieJeanIsNotMyLover April 12, 2018
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When you make a delivery order for Chinese food and then you tell your man to fuck you. So he does, in the ass, on the living-room coffee table. Just as he’s balls-deep, the Uber Eats guy knocks on the door.

But it swings wide open (as if you left it ajar on purpose). Now he’s 7-feet away from you just staring. Slowly, he steps forward and asks with a real sexy voice:

Somebody order THIS DICK?!
by BillieJeanIsNotMyLover April 9, 2019
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diddly squat ain’t but nuthinat all
I had DIDDLY SQUAT to do with selling all that gay pornography to those terrorists!
by BillieJeanIsNotMyLover August 19, 2019
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