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(tee-cher) n. 1) Provider of knowledge and insight. 2) Mentor. 3) One who inspires, motivates and opens up minds to the endless possibilities of which one can achieve. 4) One who makes a positive difference in the lives of many. 5) One who is admired, appreciated and held in the highest esteem. ie: Patricia Stresino
Teachers plant seeds that grow forever.
by vmveronica5 September 11, 2013
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A person that helps you solve problems you'd never have without them.
(Teacher) Write this 100 times!
(Student) ok..
(Teacher) Now you know.
by OneRaven February 08, 2012
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There are 2 different kind of teachers:

1)Caring people who really want to help you learn and grow they want you to be ready to go out in the real world. They really do care about you but some teens jump to conclusion thinking that they dont care because they are being snappy one day out of a whole year. They have familys and problems just like the rest of us. They cant be perfect they are only human.

2)Dickfaces who live to terrorize kids lives. Usually men or old women. They say they care just so they can fuck with your mind but then go tell the whole staff about it and then you end up getting a phone call home and your parents find out about it and then you have all this drama shit on your hands. Until a #1 teacher tries to help you fix it!
1) Right now i have two teachers like this. Who really care and i know they care. Conversation between student and teacher

Student-Can i talk to you?
Teacher-Sure sit down. What is it?
Student-Well...blah blah blah *tear tear*
Teacher-Oh im so sorry. i know that things that happen in life make you a better stronger more mature person and i believe you are one of those stronger more mature people. Always remember you can talk to me about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.
Student-Thanks! You really do care dont you!!

2)i dont have an example for fuckers like this...they just suck!
by Rachelx December 26, 2007
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A person who cares enough about abusive and ungrateful teens to work for crappy pay and long hours while hoping someday students mature enough to realize how lucky they are to have someone who gives a shit about them.
My teacher may have been a bitch sometimes, but she never gave up on me and I'm happy about that.
by Steph November 26, 2003
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Good teachers are people dedicated to the education of students in their classrooms and to the institutions in which they work.

(Unfortunately, many of the contributors to this term don't seem to have encountered many good teachers. However, don't give up on learning because eventually several good teachers will show up.)
If you can read this, thank a teacher.
by 916 October 23, 2003
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Good teacher = Someone that cares about her/his students and tries there hardest to have there students leave at the end of the school year knowing something that they taught them.And get paid crap only like $35,000 an year.

Bad teacher = A teacher who don't give a crap about there students and give like 4 hours of homework. And for some reason it seems like they get paid more.
Good teacher ="You know if you EVER need to talk to someone I'm always here for you."

Bad teacher =" Get over yourself and get to work or you will be in detention tonight. You stupid teenager."
by Lid Lee April 21, 2006
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A teacher is someone who attempts to teach in a school. These people are paid terrible amounts, which may be why some of them don't like children. There are three types of teachers - good teachers, neutral teachers and evil teachers.

Features of a good teacher include (but are not limited to) - having a sense of humour, an interest in the pupils (but not sexually) and their interests, forgiving, helpful, doesn't give out a lot of homework.

Features of a neutral teacher include (but are not limited to) having an okay-sense of humour, non-threatening, gives an okay amount of homework, sometimes helps, may show favouritism.

Features of an evil teacher include (but are not limited to) -
no sense of humour, vindictive (never forgives), gives out lots of homework, shouts a lot, helps only if required, hates school children, expects school children to understand all things taught off by heart, very strict, wishes that the good old times would come back so that they could cane you if you were naughty.
An example of a good teacher:
Pupil: "Hey, sir, I didn't get the homework yesterday because I wasn't in."
Sir: "Ah, okay. *Gives homework* Why weren't you in?"
Pupil: "I was ill, sir."
Sir: "Aww, what did you have?"
Pupil: "Flu, sir."
Teacher: "Poor thing. Well, at least you're better now, having the flu is hell"
Pupil: "Sir, I don't understand the homework."
Teacher: "Here, let me help :D" *Helps with homework*

Example of a neutral teacher:
Pupil: "Sir, where was Shakespere buried? It doesn't say in the book..."
Sir: "It does. Look on page 64 :)"
Pupil: "Sir, what does 'illiterate' mean?"
Sir: "Look in the dictionary."
Pupil: "It doesn't say, sir."
Sir: "You haven't even opened the book yet."
Pupil: "Oh. Ta, sir."

Here is an example of an evil teacher.
Pupil: "Sir--"
Sir: "What?!"
Pupil: "I didn't do the homework becau--"
Sir: "Why the hell not?!"
Pupil: "Because I wasn't in"
Sir: "Well you should have got it off a friend! Detention!"
Pupil: "That's not fair!"
Sir: "Talking back?! For that, it's doubled!"
Pupil: "I hate you, sir."
Sir: "I don't care. Now go to your seat and finish your work you stupid child!"
by Loading May 09, 2011
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