The Cream is used to describe a job that is easier than the average or easier than expected. Can also describe good fortune. Also note the term "straight cream" referring to a more exaggerated version of the cream.
Hay bro how'd you get on at that job, looked difficult. Nah bro, it was The cream.

How'd you guys go with the fishing the other night? We caught heaps, it was the cream.
by Str8 Cream January 29, 2019
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someone who's so turned on by something or other that they begin to produce some pre-cum/fanny juice.
I can feel myself creaming when britney is performing.
by Mistra September 01, 2003
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When a guy get's sexually aroused and his penis squirts out a sticky mess
Chad : Hey honey could you bring me a clean pair of underwear to work right away!
Chad's Wife : Oh No What's Wrong!
Chad : Nothings wrong Kiersten was sitting on my lap during lunch break and well you know how good she smells and how tone her little body is anyway she started kissing my neck and I Creamed in my underwear and now I'm feeling uncomfortable cause my underwear is sticking to my balls!
Chad's Wife: Fuck you asshole you deserve it!
Chad: Fine ill just go to Dollar General and buy a jumbo pack incase it happens again!
by SlopNChop April 13, 2017
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A person who loves OSU and is a trap.
Hey watch out isn't that a creame?
by Tee Sheps August 12, 2018
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1) To jiz/make a romance explosion


1) A load/romance goo

2) A rock band from the 1960s, who's music today is still loved, despite having only 4 studio albums.
A heard Crossroads on the radio today. Clapton's guitar solo made me cream my shorts.
by rogerthewhale April 08, 2013
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Used to describe an unexpected orgasm.
"Jenny thought you were really hot. I think she creamed her pants."
by Jefferson October 05, 2002
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