a.k.a. 'Dollar Store,' place where you can find some items usually found at Wal~Mart at a convenient Wal~Mart-like price, and only takes a few minutes to get them. Visited more often around August, when parents stock up on school supplies.
stupid people like kebo don't realize that everything in the dollar general like um...the toys and garden hoses, don't break. and anybody who go to dollar general not stupid enough to get toys and garden hoses there. if you need a pack of hanes t-shirts, dollar general. if you need some school paper, dollar general. if you need kool-aid, dollar general. get certain things you can find at wal~mart, only faster.
by nemo May 1, 2004
The place poor people go to when they can't afford Walmart. Usually contains very low quality products except for a select few items.
John to Cash "The only use Dollar General has is cheap drinks."
by A Human Male November 3, 2020
Company which, through the miracle of capitalism, has managed to grow and thrive, despite being the last frontier on which a human with any intelligence whatsoever would make a purchase.
Although Buck knew that everything he buys from the Dollar General will break within a week, he still takes the opportunity to complete all his Christmas shopping there.
by Kebo April 25, 2004
When someone is referred to as dollar general it means you live in the same neighborhood. You live close together, same hood.
She's dollar general, my homie, lives on the block.
by Rozzysed November 30, 2021
Angry Karen who yells at everybody in a dollar store, thinking that her broke ass is a general.
The Dollar General was yelling at be because I took the last box of dollar store tampons
by Lulu Bean March 7, 2022
A degenerate, the likes of which you would find shopping at a dollar store: Typically uneducated, overweight, and on government assistance.
I'm not some low-class dollar-generate, I shop at Wal-Mart.
by DGJohnBoy November 9, 2017
When someone on Xbox LIVE or PSN has a constant 1-2 bar connection, thus making everyone lag.
My friend Severentropy has Dollar General Connection.
by Bob Sizzlepants July 22, 2011