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colloquial (generally Australian) word meaning "alot". usually positioned before the describing word.
eg. "shit, that guy was heaps hot!!!"
by ruler of the world!!! hahahaha February 10, 2004
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A word used mainly by Australians to describe a big amount of something or very much.
1. R: I like you heaps

J: I ilke you too

2. J: Nice top

R: Thanks heaps

3. R: I ate heaps of candy

J: Mm candy
by Lalalaz January 31, 2010
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Predominantly South Australian slang term meaning 'very' or 'really'

As a result of this word being used in South Australia for decades, the term 'heaps good' has become a South Australian icon as seen in the 'Heaps Good' South Australian merchandise range.
1. (MAIN) Ohh that's heaps good
2. I'm heaps sorry I forgot your birthday

by SA Kid March 31, 2008
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The trucks you will find lined up in any Wisconsin parking lot. The owners will usually be conversing in a circle with booze and tobacco.
I'm so glad i don't have a heap!
by nickelbabe October 15, 2006
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a. terrible, not good at all

not an acronym like the dipshit before...
your clothes are heap
by SnasAttack July 30, 2003
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