14 definitions by Jefferson

quite literally the most incredible human on the face of the planet. She is hot af and has the coolest hair ever. They should never underestimate themself EVER because she is swag and epec
hey! did you see www.fluffycow.com ‘s lastest tiktok? Their makeup was awesome!!!
by Jefferson June 25, 2021
Something that was bound to make it big,like in Vegas, but failed.
How about that ad-agency? Nah, that was just a Dead Elvis.
by Jefferson August 25, 2004
A new fighter built by Lockheed Martin. The F/A-22 Raptor will be have an internal weapons bay and be able to reach the speed of sound without using after burners.
The F/A-22 will dominate the skys when released.
by Jefferson January 2, 2004
The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. They control the buses and trains in SE PA. Typically, ghetto and poor people use these means of transportation.
Jamal got capped on the SEPTA bus.
by Jefferson January 4, 2004
A team in the NHL that is full of rookies. It has financial problems and is trying to get more fans to come to the games. It's the only NHL team with an excuse to lose, because of the inexperience of their players and goalies.
The Pittsburgh Penguins put on a good fight against the New Jersey Devils, but were defeated in OT.
by Jefferson January 2, 2004
to regergitate semen having been ejaculated into ones mouth
After I blew my load in her mouth, she swallowed and them spimmed all over me... narsty.
by Jefferson March 31, 2005
Used to describe an unexpected orgasm.
"Jenny thought you were really hot. I think she creamed her pants."
by Jefferson October 6, 2002