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A Kaylee is a sassy, classy, beautiful, intelligent female. People who befriend Kaylees become better just for having met her. Her awesomeness is contagious and her smile is infectious. Kaylees are all that other woman hope to be. They are usually very accomplished and well rounded, good singers, dancers and writers. They are creative and assertive; unafraid to fight for what they want.
Person 1: Man, that girl is a boss, she really knows what she wants!
Person 2: Well yeah! That girl's a kaylee!
by Kdizzlesnizzle December 27, 2012
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A name for someone that is special to you with pretty eyes and soft lips. She is loving, kindhearted, thoughtful and smiles even when she is sad.

Often imitated, never duplicated.
There is Kaylee over there. "Yes!"
by BryanKnight May 23, 2013
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Kaylee's are amazing people! They are super nice, really pretty, and amazing dancers! You should always take the time to dance with a Kaylee, and if you do dance with one you will not be disapointed. Just don't get on her bad side, because if you do she will kick your but. If you know a Kaylee you are extremely lucky! Take good care of her and rewards will follow.
Kaylee can really dance! Look at her go!
by delicate flower December 10, 2013
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A sexy girl with an amazing personality, cute laugh, and can be pretty weird sometimes... Very giggly and random, but that's why she's so great!
Guy 1: Congrats on your new girlfriend! What's her name?
Guy 2: Her name is Kaylee. She's amazing!!
Guy 1: Oh man, I dated a Kaylee once. She was gorgeous, and so fun to be around!
by Purple Twerking Unicorn December 08, 2013
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Kaylee is the most beautiful girl in the school. From miles away you can spot her huge eyes. Tends to graduate twords food but still has a amazing body. She's a amazing friend and is always there for you. Guys are lucky to date her. They seem to never get over Kaylee. You are very lucky to know a Kaylee.
Who's that girl with those eyes? It must be Kaylee.
by Peace17 July 26, 2013
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Kaylee's are always beautiful, smart, sexy, gorgeous, trusy worthy, reliable, unique, amazing, great kisser, a stoner, awesome, perfect, happy, intelligent, and one of a kind. They usually have a innocent look on the outside but they have a wild side to Kaylee's are hard to find there great friends with a awesome personality and they give memories to people they will never forget. If you find a Kaylee make sure you keep her they dont come around often Kaylee's arent whores. But they are good kissers and have amazing lips They are bitches when they need to be but that is why people love them. Be careful with them though, there fighters but most of the time lovers. Kaylee's are absolutely perfect
"woah dude she is such a Kaylee!"
"did you see that Kaylee over there she is HOT"
by RachelBarener November 13, 2011
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Kaylee is the most beautiful girl around. She'll make you laugh, she'll make you smile, she'll make you feel like nothing else matters. She'll be the one to have your back when nobody else will. Kaylee is a partner for a lifetime, be it friendship wise or romantic wise. So don't let her slip through your fingers, you'll regret it later.
Person: "Oh who's the person you're dating?"
Me: "Ya know, Kaylee."
Person: "Wow! You're so lucky! She's a keeper."
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by LoloLGayLordLolol May 20, 2017
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