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When a guy puts his penis back between his legs, and another guy sucks it while his nose is between the butt cheeks.
Rodney gives Jake the couch better than his dog hands down.
by You know who this is Jake January 22, 2015
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The Couch is the thing, me and ribbs and dan(my brothers mate) sat on while waiting for the train to come at dunmore station.The train took 3 hours to come so me, dan and ribbs went for a walk and found this couch in this room with nothing else in there so we all sat on it and didnt tell the other 3 cunts that were with us cause it was too comfortable.
Dan:Fuck this couch is so comfortable man.
Ribbs:I rekon, should i tell the others.
Tommo:Na fuck that shit its to good man lets just sit here and enjoy it.
Ribbs and Dan:hmmmmm yeahhhhhh
by Darren Thomson May 10, 2005
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