A “Talking Head” is someone who never stops talking. They will corner you by your car after a long day’s work to tell you gossip about the neighbors or to ask you about the details of your day, so they can distort it and spread it throughout the neighborhood.

Not all Talking Heads are malicious, but all talking heads are idiots and time-wasters. Over a year, you can lose many precious hours cornered by a Talking Head.

It is important to cut them off immediately, even if it seems rude and you end up on their “neighborhood hit list.” For the most part, all Talking Heads, unknown to themselves, are hated and despised by most people.
"Man, Jean sure is one tedious “Talking Head.” I just lost an hour of my life that I will never get back just talking to them."
by Ian De La Rosa September 19, 2013
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A video of a spokesperson on a website, usually with a transparent background around the spokesperson.
I want to put a talking head on my website to greet visitors.
by emark53 September 01, 2011
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Say nigga why you be talking head?

"Talkin' head gonna put you on your deathbed
Just cuz you got a gat, that's just why you actin brave
Got a gat I got a GLOCK, what'cha gone do?
Handle your business, DON'T LET YOUR BUSINESS HANDLE YOU!" - Mystikal in the song "Murderer"
by bmd0000054 December 13, 2008
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A term used in the Television business. Used on news shows and reports, 'talking heads' reffers to when the camera focuses on the head and upper shoulders of the newscaster. The resulting footage is that of a head which does not seem to be connected to a body. Thus, the term that is implied is 'talking heads'.

This definition is also where the band Talking Heads got their name from. They read it from a TV guide book.
*Roll camera 1. 'Talking heads', Go.*
by Bonnar May 20, 2006
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a reporter or other person appearing on TV news, who's face appears close up, and consequently appearing as a talking, bodiless head
That talking head is so boring.
by The Return of Light Joker January 27, 2008
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one of the greatest american bands of all time. there best albums are 77, more songs about buildings and food, remain in light, and speaking in tongues. fear of music is also good
did you see the talking heads in atlanta with elvis costello in 77?
by eachandeveryday November 30, 2004
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1. Television personality typically show only from the shoulders up, often used negatively to describe someone who doesn't know what they're talking about, or acts like they know more than they really do.

2. Any memeber of the faux punk band Talking Heads

3. Mumbling during the act of cunninlingus.
1. Paula Zahn is nothing but a talking head.
2. Yes, Paula Zahn plays the cello, but she was never in Talking Heads.
3. I would give anything to give Paula Zahn talking head.
by scooter186 September 28, 2010
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