a monumental musician with a good sound and quality lyrics. recently inducted into the hall of fame. banned from SN for 20 years for changing songs mid song on the show.
Radio Radio
by Do you care? March 28, 2003
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1. British musician and songwriter (1955- ), born Declan MacManus. Noted for his witty, often-sarcastic lyrics, his nasal voice and (especially on later albums) habit of standing too close to the microphone when singing, and his thick, black-rimmed glasses.

2. A geek who, despite his obvious geekiness, is possessed of such talents that he's revered by other geeks and not ostracized by society in general.

3. "Elvis Costello glasses": thick, black-rimmed glasses of the sort worn by Elvis Costello.
1. "I just spent half the money in my bank account on Elvis Costello albums."

2. "Yeah, he's a nerd, but he's cooler than any of us -- like some kind of Elvis Costello".

3. "I am so sick of those whiny emo kids in their sweaters and Elvis Costello glasses."
by GumboSoup April 6, 2003
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"My Aim is True, This Year's Model and Armed Forces."
by jayque September 9, 2003
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My all-time favorite lyricist.

See Also: the shit
The best Elvis Costello Albums:Trust, My Aim Is True, This Years Model
by luckyones05 April 25, 2006
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Most pretentious crap musician ever, none of his lyrics are any good or mean anything; incredibly dull. Fake emotion and very self-indulgent crappy music. Also a racist as he condones Oliver Cromwell's violence against the Irish and refers to the Irish as "white niggers" in his song Oliver's Army. By far the lamest musician to ever walk this Earth. Elvis Costello isn't even his real name, plus it sucks as a pseudonym; and it's totally ripping off Elvis Presley. worthless cunt. he is also a flaming (closeted) racist

Also, the guy is a geek. And he can't sing and totally lacks personality, his music says nothing about life or the real world. Just simple fun and games type of songs. The guy is also a weirdo.
Elvis Costello is the most overrated and crappiest "punk rock" musician of all time. his music is some of the most lamest and annoying crap I've ever heard in my life. goddammit i cannot stand that greasy fucker
by Cajun Society 4 Life September 17, 2019
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