term for a phenomenon which today is better known as "automatic" or "unconscious" talking. The person who "speaks in tongues" is unaware of what he says, he could talk in a foreign or made-up language, or fall back into speech patterns of his childhood.

Is mostly induced
by either psychoactive drugs (e.g. opium, lsd, psilocybin, mescaline) or a deep hypnotic trance.
Spectator: "They are speaking in tongues!"
by meistermilton June 2, 2004
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Religious practice among Pentecostalists and charismatics involving speaking in what sound like other languages or "spiritual language"
I arrived in church late, and the whole congregation was speaking in tongues. I couldn't understand a damned thing, but it was impressive
by cornholio October 12, 2003
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Speaking in an unknown language. That is to say it is unkown to the speaker but is not unknown to God. Speaking in tongues began on the day of Pentacost by Jesus' disciples. The purpose of speaking in tongues (in my view) is to issue prayer that encompasses issues of life unknown, but needing to be dealt with. Speaking in tongues may seem foolish to the average person (even the average Christian), but if you desire wisdom, it is the thing to do.
The Holy Spirit's indwelling is made aware by the evidence of speaking in tongues
by Wicker Park August 20, 2005
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typing (or texting) gibberish. Comes from typing in frustration, hitting the keyboard, or accidentally leaning on it. A posting or sent mail or text shows up indecipherable.
Looks like Megan is speaking in tongues again. I checked her last facebook post. 3am, nothing but garbage. Must have fallen asleep on the keyboard. Drunk. Again.
by ChuckChaser69 April 17, 2010
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using your tongue to relay a spirtual message.
Billy Bob was speaking in tongues when he showed me what a Texas Taint Tickler was.
by Deborah Spicer June 25, 2006
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The ability or phenomenon to utter words or sounds of a language unknown to the speaker, especially as an expression of religious ecstasy. Also called glossolalia, speaking in tongues.
The parishioners speak in tongues
by alyery June 15, 2009
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the general gagging sound someone makes while being facefucked. (ex: “ouaouaouaouaouaoua” )
I totally got to facefucking her last night and holy shit, the way she would speak in tongues was hot as fuck.
by Typicaltrashfag January 26, 2019
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