The sweetest girl ever. Super reliable and you could probably tell her everything. Is super chill and will be there for you when you need it but also is the best to have a fun time with. Just the most fun girl ever. I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND HER AS A FRIEND. Good a volleyball and like everything. Super funny and a good partner in crime. She’s also a good person to go on adventures with and make memories. If you have a Paula, you are set
I’m going shopping with Paula”
Aw really I love Paula she’s the best.”
by iamtoolazyforthis December 26, 2019
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A woman of the most extreme grace and wit. She is incredibly thoughtful, intelligent, and rises to the occasion on any task big or small. Though she is fiercely beautiful, she is not to be trifled with. Paula can and will kick your ass and doesn't take shit from anybody. The dictionary people had to invent a new word that is better than talented because of how skilled she is at everything she does. The only thing she loves more than her friends or family is probably dogs. Probably. And cheese. Only a small group of people are lucky enough to ever hang out with her regularly, and even then it's probably because they have dogs or cheese.
Damn that girl over there must be a Paula. What a papushka. She's probably the hottest girl I've ever seen. I wish she was my girlfriend or that she'd even look at me.
by cajundjinni June 27, 2019
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A beautiful, loving and caring girl that is always chill. She always likes hanging out and talking. Shes a great friend. If anyone wants to scrap her she wont back down. She is very strong and always tries doing new things.
Damn that girl is really nice and good looking. Yea she must be a Paula
by WolF-Reaper February 25, 2015
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She has the most chaotic mind, but in a beautiful way. Loves music, arts and books. Likes storms and long walks in the rain.
by Ely017 September 14, 2017
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Normally a fun, lovable, elegant girl. She has her own style and is gracefull.
"I met this perfect chick online."
"Did you? Damn she's cute."
"She's really fun and always laughing..."
"Must be a Paula."
by _Karma_ February 8, 2015
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A beautiful girl with a cute name and has the BEST possible personailty I've ever met.
Paula is so nice! She's So Sweet and Caring.
by Shengy Pooh November 6, 2007
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