Having sex where the person is entered from behind while laying in the classic spooning position.
by pizzadog October 16, 2005
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no doubt your intimately acquainted with 69, well 77 is quite the frisky number as well. the name 77 refers to the way you and your partner's bodies look when they meld together in this side entry position. it's similar to spooning but with a twist. the unique angling practically guides his missile to the females G-spot.
the female lies on her side with the male behind her. you should be facing the same direction. the female wraps her legs around the males top leg. once the male is inside the female stretches out her front legs, while staying connected, both bend at the waist. the woman extending her legs at a 45 degree angel away from the body. "folding over and assuming the 77 position." this changes the angel of penetration creating a direct penile pathway to the front V-wall where the G-spot is located.
"we were 77ing it all last night, and it was amazing"
by weezy buger October 19, 2007
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The act of female double oral sex as opposed to sixty-nine. Called "77" because the girl gets ate (8) more.
Why do girls enjoy 77 more than 69? Because she gets 8 more.
by pimpokomon February 25, 2003
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A sub-genre of punk. Typically more appealing to the main-stream audiences than the grittier street sound, but by no means bubble gum rock. Applied usually to the original flagships of the punk movement (the clash, sex pistols, buzzcocks, and the various other like bands), it can also be applied to any of the more dissonant sounding bands of the time--that is 1977, considered by many to be a pinnacle in punk's history.
I prefer Oi! to street, but 77 would probably be my favorite.
by P4P3|2 S74(|<s January 26, 2007
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Highest possible state on intoxication by smoking weed (Marijuana)
The session of smoking up/consumption of weed(Marijuana)
Babe, let's do a 77 tonight?
by Seshboy69 June 27, 2022
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Same as 69, but you get 8 (ate) more. IE, 69 is foreplay, but 77 is oral sex ALL-THE-WAY.
I was gonna fuck Sally, but we were 69ing and then we both started to cum. So, I guess we just 77ed instead.
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A sub-genre of the sub-culture knowen as punk rock and is generally accosiated with the act of wearing creepers, button up shirts, choppy styled hair with a blonde splosh spot in ones hair. Also showering 15 times a day and being a cocky bastard to anyone who can't afford those 70 dollar desinger stretch jeans they bought.
Oh shit smelly, look at those 77's over there, better take off your crass patch!
by Johnny Lobotomy November 19, 2005
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