A genre of music that claims to be punk but really isn't. Also considered Pop punk (though that seems like an oxy moron). Faux punk is commercialized mainstream music that has totally abandoned any up yours attitude that real punk rock posses. Faux punk is closely related to emo and often times is confused for emo.

Bottem line Faux punk is bands who claim to be hardcore but really grew up in suburban Jersey and are just trying to get laid by 14 yeaer old girls.
by Dane R November 05, 2004
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Bands that MTV pushes on teenagers in the hopes that they can gain some credability. Usually catergorized by wearing too much eye make-up, having funky hair colors, and overall trying to basically look punk. They are pure image and nothing else, and using them to make yourself sound punk really is quite stupid.
Good Charlotte, The Used, Fall Out Boy, Simple Plan, Something Corporate, Bowling For Soup, etc.
by theblacksheeprockson August 06, 2005
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occurs when one or more "faux punks" engage in sexual relations.
ashley simpson thinks she is a celebrity because she and pete wentz are faux punk humping.
by bean betty September 14, 2007
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