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classic wine, comes in a box, get sunset blush flavor. 5 liters for 10 bucks and college girls love it and you can get drunk twice for 10 bucks
did you get the franzia and 20 sack?
by eachandeveryday December 3, 2004
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one of the greatest american bands of all time. there best albums are 77, more songs about buildings and food, remain in light, and speaking in tongues. fear of music is also good
did you see the talking heads in atlanta with elvis costello in 77?
by eachandeveryday November 30, 2004
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Sorry i thought i would clear this up: People who don't do drugs can't talk shit on drugs. I have done a drug every day of my life for the last 7 years(various, always marijuana, randomly pills, x, shrooms, acid, mescal and coke) in that time i graduated from law school with a 3.7, became a lawyer, and opened my own record store, so fuck off.
"Hey people who don't do drugs are the real brainwashed fucks"
"yea i know, my 3rd eye is being cleaned while those fucks are drinking beer, watching football, and voting republican"
by eachandeveryday December 3, 2004
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