To have experienced inferiority as a direct result of the actions of another party. For the expression "shat on" to make sense, there must be a recipient (the one who is "shat on") as well as a perpetrating party (the one who "shat on" the recipient). The perpetrator's actions or remarks can be bold, such as the actual physically shitting on the the recipient, or subtle, such as saying something to someone else that implies that the recipient is in someway whack or lacking a ballsac. However, the key takeaway from use of this expression is the fact that the perpetrator's actions, though they can be cleaned up (just as shit can be cleaned off of a toilet) are essentially irreversible, since the smell--not to mention the memory--of shit is virtually impossible to remove once it is dropped upon a target.
The charmingly aggressive, and yet so unfortunately cunning, young men virtually shat on their neighboring organization's lawn of dignity by taking home the gold that night.
by nesia November 23, 2005
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to verbally shit on someone's life,
to shut someone down,
to knock someone of their high horse.
to pown or own someone
mike: hey ted, dude does your face hurt?
ted:umm no
mike: cause its killing me
mike: "shat on "

by H*O*D April 17, 2009
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To be defeated comprehensively.
Australia absolutely shat on England in the 2006/07 Ashes.
by flabgrab May 2, 2007
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1) Talk shit about

2) Talk crap about
3) Be dog about
Person 1: I love apples!
Person 2: I hate apples lol they suck they are the worst fruit ever
Person 1: Wow, you just shat on my favourite fruit
by welcometonewyork November 2, 2014
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And lo, he was shat upon, and he did weep for his misfortune.
by vexator February 19, 2003
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The past tense of shit. Also used as a more "classy" form of shit.
I fear I have shat my pants, due to an excess of pheasant!
by Elizabeth Grey July 8, 2016
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Affectionate yet somewhat insulting nickname for William Shatner, star of anything he gets paid for.
Hey man, did you hear? The Shat just released a new album. He makes fun of himself and still gets rave reviews!
by max July 11, 2005
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