when two or more beats are organized into a pattern across a length of time, they form a rhythm. "rhythm" is the structural basis for music across time, and relies on events that happen in sequence.
one of the basic elements of music is rhythm. rhythm can be fast, slow, complex, or simple.

"I noticed how good the rhythm was in the club track"
by TranceCrafter July 4, 2018
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One of the most important things in music. Rhythm is strongly connected to humans(i.e. the heart!) Early music started with drums and a beat. Rhythm is so basic yet key to music. All popular music has some kind of rhythm. Rhythm, it's in you!
This song is missing something.

It needs cowbell, a great source of rhythm
by Randy Goldman April 4, 2005
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The girl of your dreams. One that changes your life and makes you the happiest at the beginning and end of your day. She has the most beautiful smile, the most incredible personality, high intelligence, an among body, and cares for everyone endlessly. Is from India and may get deported but you know you'd move there with her, even though you're a natural born Canadian, cause she's so worth it.
Lucky you!!! You get to be with Rhythm. That makes you the most fortunate person that ever lived and the rest of the world significantly less fortunate than you.
by Manny2017 July 22, 2018
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leeway; special consideration. To give someone rhythm may be to give them a pass or go to bat for them because you know them or owe them a favor. Very often used on cop shows, especially NYPD Blue.
I was hoping my landlord would give me some rhythm on the late fee.
It's going to be hard to get this guy bail--I got no rhythm with this judge.
by RideSallyRide January 5, 2011
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Verb. To engage in flirtatious actions between two people.
That girl was givin' me rhythm when I was spittin' game to her.
by Renee, Derrick, David August 19, 2005
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nigga- "oh look at that stupid white person he can't dance for shit he has no rhythm"

white person-"i know im white i cant dance..."
by 50 cents next wife May 12, 2006
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Devoted to the art of moving butts
The rhythm's happenin', and it's movin' up
The Tribe has been on hold for much too long
Don't fear the rhythm because it's strong
by Peter the Meter December 3, 2008
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