A "bonnet" is British meaning the hood of an automobile.
To access the engine block I was required to lift the bonnet.
by Blondie February 16, 2005
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A big asss penis the size of your face and the balls are the size of wrecking balls
by Steve C March 30, 2005
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A word used mostly by the British to describe the metal sheet covering your engine of your vehicle.

It can also be known as a hat...
- The smoke was rising from under the bonnet...

- Put on your bonnet its bloody freezing outside...
by Edward Mcpherson April 19, 2007
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the act of getting hit by a car, and surviving...
'Yo dude, im tripping home from the cinema at three in the morning and sum guy just Bonnets me'


Randomer on his phone: Wow a guy in the road

GUY IN THE ROAD: Please help me...

Randomer on his phone: Jay, This dude got Bonneted...

GUY IN THE ROAD: ***Dying***

Randomer on his phone: lol
by Bonneter16 April 13, 2007
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bon-et (n): 1) The art of a man acting like a woman or little girl. 2) A common name for someone who relinquishes their man card to indulge in overt feminine activity.
Adam was being a bonnet when he elected go flower shopping instead of watching baseball.

Alex is such a bonnet when talking to cougars; I swear he likes pegging!

You might want to loosen your bonnet Brian... remember, there is football to be watched, and paddle boating to be missed!
by Rschonwa October 23, 2008
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A massive weasel (when someone's voice involuntarily goes high-pitched during a normal sentence), normally associated with someone know only as K-Dogg. Everyone weasels every now and then, but hearing a bonnet is a rare occasion (unless you're around K-Dogg).
- Stu, K-Dogg just did a massive bonnet!
- You just did a massive bonnet.
by Jamie Freeman February 27, 2008
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That small pink bunny that tries to kill you, but ends up asking your for a hug.

It takes her seven eternities for her to get to you, but if she does, boop her nose.
The female counter-part of Bon-Bon
No, Bonnet doesn't have a pink errection.
by Kuudere girl65 October 3, 2017
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