A shortened version of you're breaking my balls. Much simpler to deliver and produces the same effect.

Basicly, when "someone is giving you a really hard time" as mentioned in the original.
Evan: You think you might be able to lend me some cash?
Karl: My balls.

Evan: You think we can reduce my debt to you to only 70$?
Karl: My balls.

Evan: Guess who I'm going out with?!
Karl: My fuckin' balls.
by Comrade Karl July 05, 2006
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the two words that preceed a noun or verb, whenever you see something amazing or retarded.
holy shit dude, did you see that 18 inch black dick on tv last night?

yeahhh, it was as long and thick as my balls.

i just smoked 9 joints, i'm as stoned as my balls.

shit on my balls, i just got that bitch pregnant, now i got another kid in another area code.
by SKEETSKEETMYBALLS! August 15, 2008
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NYC slang. Similar to “on my mama, on my life, on my dad”. You can also say “word to my balls”, which is similar to “word to my momma, poppa, who-fuckin ever”.
Tavion (tay-VEE-on): Yo, r u deadass?

Deonte: Yea, I’m so deadass, wrd2 everything bro. I put that “on my balls”.
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An urban game played on Neg's Urban Sports on Balls Of Steel.
To play, find a group of people playing a sport like football or rugby and steal the ball. Leg it. The longer you keep hold of the ball, the more points you get. If you get tackled, you fail and lose your points.
Just played a game of my ball and they gave up chasing me! Infinite points! Woop woop!
by Brikkit June 25, 2010
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Shouted by a person with a testicles after they are hit in them . Preceded or succeeded by groaning , moaning , grunting , sqeauling and /of crying , while clutching the scrotum overhand or underhand . Eyes may bulge wide and go cross eyed as well.
Woman kicks man in the the testicles*
Man doubles over clutches his crotch 😯😦😮😲😫😱” My BALLS!”
by Decemberguy February 12, 2019
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When I have so much sex, that my orgasms don't produce gizzum anymore.
Man, I rubbed out so many, I drained my balls.
by ZAssMaster July 15, 2014
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