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TMJ: temporo-mandibular joint
the joint where the jaw connects to the skull on both sides of the head.
hurts like hell when dislocated, you are barely able to open your mouth and cant really close it either.
it cannot be snapped back into place yourself.
it can occur from anyhting, including laughing or yawning.
"my TMJ hurts like hell :( "
by Maxx January 12, 2004
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TMJ Syndrome: temporomandibular joint
pain in jaw: a painful condition involving the temporomandibular joint and the muscles used for chewing, sometimes causing clicking sounds and restricted jaw movement. It is usually associated with a faulty dental bite.

Temporomandibular joint:
jaw joint: either of the joints connecting the lower part of the jaw mandible with the temporal bone on each side of the head. Both joints act together when the jaw is moved.
Jill: I have TMJ and when I open my mouth really wide, it hurts like a mother.
Alex: Ewww... Lemme see!
by Jillie March 02, 2006
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A freezing of the jaw and slurring of words condition that occurs when one has consumed Too Much Jameson (TMJ).
I'm unable to feel my jaw after all those whiskey neats, I've really got to cut back on the Jameson. I may never get over this TMJ.
by Stoolie December 24, 2017
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A common jaw disorder that many women will use as an excuse to get out of giving a man head.
I'd go down on you, but I have TMJ and my jaw could lock up.
by Nathan81 October 19, 2005
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temporo-mandibular joint
i have tmj my jaw makes a clicking sound when i yawn laugh talk or even eat. with tmj you are not supposed to chew gum ,but i do and i wind up regreting it because it hurts.
tmj hurts really really bad :((((
by mugley my dog June 08, 2005
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Often misinterpreted as the acronym for temporomandibular joint disorder, which often results in pain and soreness of the jaw, T.M.J. actually stands for "too many jobs." The jaw is actually sore because the person with T.M.J. has given far too many blow jobs.
"Kortney keeps complaining about her sore jaw, blaming it on her T.M.J., and i couldnt agree more; She gives Too Many Jobs."
by Neilbur October 25, 2009
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