def: a metaphor for anything that is more than average
i'm fast as a mother fucker!

you sweatin' like a mother fucker!

yo momma is loud like a mother fucker!
by Atkins God September 21, 2009
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It hurts like a mother bear has slashed your face off with her giant claws.
I just dropped something on my toe, and it hurts like a mother bear!
by MamaBeckman May 4, 2011
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This is an expression much like I have to pee like a monster. Also known as I have to pee like a pregnant woman, this phrase refers to how pregnant women have to pee a lot.
Ah! Where's the bathroom!? I have to pee like a mother!
by Raindrops on Roses November 17, 2007
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In Sulphur Springs, to be" Skeeted up like Mother Fucker" is to high as balls on cocaine.
according to qui-qui, they was" skeeted up like a mo-fucker " that night.
by Marina June 24, 2004
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