bone in the face - the one that your chin is attached to; lower jaw
dude... I smashed his mandible!
by Bocaj Esuorps October 25, 2006
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Dude, Reese Witherspoon is kinda cute I guess, but I can't get past that MANdible.
by Pahn August 9, 2009
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During sex in the missionary position you put your fingers in the females mouth and clasp the jaw.
You then use this purchase as a holding point to pound away at your lucky partner.

Can also be done while going at it doggy style. Making it the "Rear Mandible Pound"
Guy 1: So you get lucky with that girl last night.
Guy 2: Man, she was a filthy bitch. Made me mandible pound her. Then said she liked to be choked out.
Guy 1: Sweet.
Guy 2: Yeah. So then I switched to the Rear Mandible Pound for more leverage.
by Larsonary August 12, 2010
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The instance when one's orthodontic braces captivate food from one's previous meal and happen to be a nice little "treat" sometime in the future.
As Joe was walking hope the other day he realized the odd sensation of chicken flavor in his mouth... Low and behold followed by a small piece of chicken. "What the crap! Mandible morsels!" he said to himself.
by BlackStallion92 March 3, 2009
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Black male who is retarted and a has big ass nostrils with big ass lips literally a retarted person who can’t read or write properly
Hey that mandible guy is a fucking loser
by IIIRAHHHHIII November 7, 2022
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matthew taking a widowmaker from behind who then gets taken by a road hog
omg that mandible claw was so good last night
by myguymclovin December 17, 2018
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