To go down on a woman is to start her off with nice, long, passionate kisses on the lips, and then down to her neck, and then down to her breasts where you have your pleasure with them, and then you kiss your way across her tummy, and finally, you have ultimate pleasure with orally pleasing her pussy.
by Dave October 25, 2004
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to progressively make definitions on this website stupider and stupider
To go down on- to eat pussy, as if there is anything new, original unheard of before about, posted 4/8/15, probably by a twelve year old.
by Fatandfurious April 8, 2015
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go down on means to suck a guy's dick
Matt and I go down on each other nearly every day!
by USAF Cadet July 30, 2021
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slang for having oral sex. used when making out, a guy/girl will say, "go down for me" instead of 'gimme head bitch'.
so did u go down on him?
by allkat April 2, 2004
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the act of eating someone out or giving someone head.
"Dude, I was going down on my girl today..."
"Oh my god, I was going down on him today and his cum was so nasty"
by sex advice August 8, 2003
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What an elevator does when you push a button for a floor that's below the floor you're currently at.
"No baby, we're at floor 69. We gotta go down."
by Insanity132 July 15, 2005
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