' my g' is what you call your friends when you are really close.

Slang for ' my bestie'.
me: wassup my g

Friend: nothin much my g
by Qweety February 25, 2018
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When people say My G they mean My Guy as guy translates to friend
That’s My G not yours
by Mum is my G June 17, 2019
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another way to refer to someone
wats gud my g

yo them girls are bad my g
by SmOove k May 9, 2008
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An expression which denotes one's extreme affinity to a particular person or thing. The 'g' portion of the expression can be altered to closely associate it with the person or thing to create a humorous effect.
Tom: I cooked brinner for my bros.
Mario: Brinner is my g.

Justin: Did you see the Blake Griffin highlights from last night's game?
Jesse: Not yet, but Griffin is my absolute g!

Luke: Jesse is definitely going to draft MJD in fantasy football.
Justin: Definitely. MJD is his MJ-G
by bounce deezy February 18, 2011
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Mostly used by guys, and refers to them being friends with someone. Can also be used for girls but that's not as common.
Person 1: Yess my g!
Person 2: Uno it g
by my.g.bro111 August 24, 2020
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My G is a very special type of friend. Name originates from that one 24 Hours In A&E Episode ‘Matt! My G!’
If you are to come across a G you should feel very lucky. You can tell them absolutely anything and they can do the same to you, even if it’s confidential.

Also very pretty and funny and you can never understand how they don’t pull a trillion boys.
Who is that?

Oh, that’s My G.
Wow, they must be a very special friend.
by gsforever45 February 27, 2022
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