' my g' is what you call your friends when you are really close.

Slang for ' my bestie'.
me: wassup my g

Friend: nothin much my g
by Qweety February 25, 2018
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another way to refer to someone
wats gud my g

yo them girls are bad my g
by SmOove k May 9, 2008
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When people say My G they mean My Guy as guy translates to friend
That’s My G not yours
by Mum is my G June 17, 2019
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An expression which denotes one's extreme affinity to a particular person or thing. The 'g' portion of the expression can be altered to closely associate it with the person or thing to create a humorous effect.
Tom: I cooked brinner for my bros.
Mario: Brinner is my g.

Justin: Did you see the Blake Griffin highlights from last night's game?
Jesse: Not yet, but Griffin is my absolute g!

Luke: Jesse is definitely going to draft MJD in fantasy football.
Justin: Definitely. MJD is his MJ-G
by bounce deezy February 18, 2011
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Mostly used by guys, and refers to them being friends with someone. Can also be used for girls but that's not as common.
Person 1: Yess my g!
Person 2: Uno it g
by my.g.bro111 August 24, 2020
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