Short for β€œmy guy” or β€œmy gangsta”
Ayo what up my G how u doin homie
by Snoofy. June 21, 2019
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' my g' is what you call your friends when you are really close.

Slang for ' my bestie'.
me: wassup my g

Friend: nothin much my g
via giphy
by Qweety February 25, 2018
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another way to refer to someone
wats gud my g

yo them girls are bad my g
by SmOove k May 09, 2008
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When people say My G they mean My Guy as guy translates to friend
That’s My G not yours
by Mum is my G June 17, 2019
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Something roadmen call their mates when they’re tryna show off to their mates
Yo!!!! Myg!
by Its_____meee January 22, 2020
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Myg, the Danish word for "Mosquito".

A mosquito is a blood sucking insect.

Marc is a myg.
"Hey watch out, that's a myg!"
by marvely April 05, 2017
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