relating to the everyday world as opposed to that which is spiritual or eternal.
Medieval kings were TEMPORAL rulers of their states, but in religious matters they accepted the Pope's authority. :) HAHAH
by puhlese October 20, 2008
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to act to suit the time or occasion
The legislature was accused of temporizing while the budget deficit continued to worsen
by Your Grim Reaper June 25, 2003
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A state in which an individual has no bearing of time whatsoever. Can be caused by long periods of drinking, heavy drinking, concussions, coma, deep sleeps, or just general obliviousness.
After that 12th tequila shot I came to at my buddy's house in a state of complete temporal disorientation.

I jacked Mike in the head so hard he didn't know what day it was (temporal disorientation).
by testicles...that is all March 11, 2010
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Theory that relates to the study of time travel. Often seen causing major paradoxes, such as the Dali Paradox, Grandfather Paradox, Pogo Paradox and the Predestination Paradox.
The Dali Paradox is when a temporal fissure slows time to a gradual halt. Also called the "melting clock" effect

The Grandfather Paradox is when a person travels to a point in the past before they were born and kills one of their own ancestors, taking themselves out of the picture before they were able to travel back in time.

The Pogo Paradox is where interference designed to prevent an event actually triggers the same event.

The Predestination Paradox is like as follows: Say a man goes back in time and impregnates his great-great grandmother. The grandmother would thus give birth to one of the man's great grandparents, who would then give birth to one of his grandparents, who would then be able to give birth to one of his parents, and finally to the man himself. As a result, the man's very existence would be pre-determined by his traveling to the past, and therein lies the paradox.
by Itallian Stallion March 20, 2005
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At a loss of time. Usually happens when either dumb, drunk, high, well-sexed, post-comatose, or cerebrally traumatized. Usually leads to negative consequences...
I was boffing my secretary so hard that I became temporally disoriented and missed my 3 o'clock.

Me and Rob got spliffed and, in a classic example of temporal disorientation, forgot to meet up w/ my hook up for another bag.
by testicles...that is all March 11, 2010
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noun-The psychokinetic ability to do a mind-blowing punch while time is frozen
verb-To do a dynamic mind-blowing punch while time is stopped
noun-Master Furon taught the Temporal Fist to Crypto in Destroy All Humans 3: Path of the Furon
noun-Master Furon's Temporal Fist and Captain Falcon's Falcon Pawnch collided and the Temporal Fist won.( for Captain Falcon lovers He's cool but I just wanted to get on my friends nerves with this example)
verb-Master Furon Temporal Fisted Crypto into a wall.
by BloodshedBito June 11, 2009
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You fucking up history.

It'd be like going back in time and shooting yourself in the head, you'd die, but you wouldn't appear back in time to kill yourself, so you'd have to wait until after you said you'd do it to successfully kill yourself, right? Wrong, you still wouldn't have done it, so history resets, and if you are one retarded motherfucker, you will try it again until you stop buttfucking your grandmother in her prime back in the 1940's
Adrian Shephard in Gearbox's 'Opposing Force', If you jumped into the Portal after Gordon, it would say subject terminated stating that the reason being was that you attempted to create a temporal paradox
by No clue January 21, 2008
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