She just knows how to wind me up.
He wind up his classmates.
by LikeTheWind February 23, 2012
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Mainly UK, especially south-east England. (v) To use information (true or fictional) to provoke, tease or deceive. (v) To invent with the intent of conning. (n)A deceptive or provocative act. A "Wind-up merchant" is somebody who is disposed to wind others up, a habitual liar, or prankster. Origin: from the act of winding a clock or other clockwork device.
"He claimed he had been in the SAS, but it was just a wind-up." "Bob would wind Mike up by claiming he'd slept with Mike's girlfriend" "That blokes a wind-up merchant" "It seemed at first glance to be two mathematicians arguing number theory, but it was a wind-up - they were just talking nonsense, it turned out."
by CJ2222 October 1, 2005
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to tease, usually with some malice
He said he's meet her at 7 o'clock, but after she'd been standing in the rain for an hour she realised it was a wind-up
by Bill Cranny December 17, 2003
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Just getting into the meat of the party/event, where everyone is a little buzzed, spirits are high and anything might happen. Opposite of winding down.
The party starts at 9, the first guests will start arriving around 10, and it should be winding up by 11:30 or so. So, we'll arrive at about 11:45.
by Ryan Self March 3, 2006
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When your beating your meat and your about to cum and you speed your stroke up. Then when your shooting you slow the stoke up the get the best out of your session.

Another word: *Pitch*
"When I was watching a porno last night, I started The Wind Up during the first sex scene."
by Slappy Fack November 30, 2006
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