1. to put out of place; put out of proper relative position; displace: The glacier dislocated great stones.
2. to put out of joint or out of position, as a limb or an organ.
3. to throw out of order; upset; disorder: Frequent strikes dislocated the economy.
The earthquake dislocated several buildings. Crooked, disfigured...
by Ekta Bedi September 15, 2006
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LOADSA PAIN!!!!!!!! holey moley maccaroni.
when yer bone goes outta its socket
he has dislocated his knee!!! argh!!!
by *~susie~* April 6, 2005
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When a person or community is forced to leave their homes, esp. due to violence, abuse, or economic pressures. Intentionally evokes the violent imagery of a physical dislocation (joint etc.) to emphasize the trauma and injury experienced.
My company is claiming they need to dislocate me across the country to keep my job.
by Organize or Die June 11, 2023
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Dislocation occurs when bones in a joint become displaced or misaligned. It is often caused by a sudden impact to the joint. The ligaments always become damaged as a result of a dislocation.
Man 1: Ohhh dude did you see the joint dislocation on Harry's finger at basketball?

Man 2: Oh man, that shit is painful.
by gillygil14 March 28, 2011
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Temporal Dislocation: (Adj) A inorganic based alteration of time caused by illegal street compounds such as Entwhislte, Woot and CatchBaby.
Love, somebody put some Entwhistle in my J.D. and hell the temporal dislocation was so fierce I though that Joan of Arc was giving me oral
by Hunter D Clopson February 1, 2017
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a gal who lips a boy that has a really BIG mouth that sucks the guys mouth till theres no life at all in the mouth.
i just got lipsed by a gal , her dislocated jaw left no life in my mouth 1
by princess tasha :) March 5, 2007
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An unhinged member of the markier dan club who often writes detailed paragraphs on how they would like to f*** characters (specifically men who are manwhores, pudgy and muscly) and he is extremely mentally unstable(we are setting up a go fund me for his therapy). They are also a closeted furry who makes fun of furries to hide the fact they are one.
*conversation on the server*
Aster (jaw dislocator): what i wanted to say iz that i’ve never wanted a man sm in my life. i need hiz dick up my azz rn and after he fill me up like a twinkie i want him to leave hickiez all over me and leave bite markz too. if i could i would carry hiz children but alas i cannot. i want him to tie me up and tease me until i cry in pleasure and then i want him to edge me and make me beg for him to fuck my mind. then i want him to suck me dry and call me a good boy while he pullz my hair.
Member: Average message from Aster
by xx_depressedgacha_nightwolf November 14, 2022
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