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It's an inaccurate label given by gender cultists to women who exclude male people from feminism; women, transmen, nonbinary females, and anyone else who is of the FEMALE SEX, regardless of what they "identity as" is included in radical feminist ideology. It's male-exclusion, not trans-exclusion. Radical feminism is about dismantling a worldwide patriarchy, which thrives on gender ideology and stereotypes, and liberating the female sex. TERFs want to destroy the gender stereotypes of the 1950's to liberate women, while liberal feminists want to enforce them to coddle male feelings.
TERF: "I wonder if Trans Activists understand that there are tens of thousands of transmen and transboys around the world who are in forced marriages, have undergone FGM, are denied abortions, are child brides, or are barred from going to school? It's almost as if females, despite whatever we identity as, are oppressed based the reality of our biological sex and not an abstract concept of womanhood, so we are unable to identify out of our oppression."

Trans Activists: "Hey, folx! I am angrier at women demanding sex-based rights and protections than I am at the men who kill transwomen 100% of the time. Please pay attention to how often I blame women for transpeople's problems and never, ever address men. I may even talk about how women embolden men to kill transwomen and ignore the dozens of femicides currently happening all over the world. TERFs' dependence upon reality hurts my feelings!"
by wokebroshateme October 27, 2020
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Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist. That group of feminists that claims that trans women aren't really women, as biological determinism is only a fallacy when it used against them, not when they use it against others.
Isn't it mindboggling that the Royal College of Psychiatrists would invite a TERF like Julie Bindel to come talk at a study day on transgenderism and transsexuality? That's like inviting Fred Phelps to come deliver the keynote at a gay pride.
by zmas March 15, 2011
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"Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist" originally a slur deployed against Feminists who refused to concede that transwomen are women. As used today, means "anyone of any sex or 'gender' who does not believe that a man can turn into a woman and is not necessarily on call to suck ladydique 24/7."
Man can you believe Jody Foster refused to suck my ladydique?!? What a TERF!
by PowerMan99 May 01, 2021
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A libtard buzzword used by delusional womanphobic gender switch folks to shame and harras REAL women into silence, for stating basic biology and common sense.
*Jk Rowling points out a basic biological difference between men and women*
Twitter social justice wankers: Whaaaaaa yOu BiGoT TeRF
by Freakphobe January 09, 2021
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Trans-Exlusionary Radical Feminist. Originally just named radical feminism. The basis of radical feminism is that gender is a social construct forced upon people at birth and are roles specifically designed to keep women subordinate to men (masculinity vs.feminity). Men, Trans activist, and liberal feminist use the term "TERF" because the principle of radical feminism cannot coexist with gender/trans ideology
Radical Feminists are inappropriately named TERFS to silence any female centered discussion
by Ghostglitter December 20, 2016
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A slur used by liberal feminists, men's rights activists, and trans activists to silence anyone (but especially women) who is critical of gender roles and the ensuing domination. Replaces: cunt, dyke, bitch. Is used when someone connects biology (vagina) to sex (female) and the rights of the class called women. Stands for "Trans exclusionary radical feminist", which is a misnomer and not a self-chosen label.
I'm a trans woman and I'm more of a woman than any TERF.
by RadicalWombyn April 03, 2016
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